december 9, 2018

Behold the Presence

Peace is often the last thing that comes to mind during the holiday. Is it even possible to have peace in our lives this month? We try to carve time in our schedule. We try to play peacemaker in the family. We try to maintain those perfect snapshots, but it never seems to stay. Peace seems like a fragile commodity. In the Christmas story Jesus is called the “Prince of Peace”, but what does that mean? Sometimes to find peace we need to stop and look, maybe we need to “behold” before we find true peace. 


What are you afraid of? Fear is the number one reason we don’t do what God calls us to do, so God gives us 366 reminders to not be afraid. Fear disappears when we stop and behold Him. This Christmas season let’s learn to live in His presence and accept an invitation to peace. Join us as we look at Luke 1 and learn to “behold” the presence.