MARCH 18, 2018

Simplify - Finances

Most of us are defined and controlled by our busyness. We may even brag about how busy we are at work or with our kids. We are pulled in many different directions by the lives we live, but we need to discover the more important things in life and pursue them first. Join us as we learn to simplify our lives and focus on what is truly important.


It seems like finances are rarely fun, but they are something we all need to tackle. Finances have the power to bring us freedom in life or to bring us ruin. Some of us do well with our finances and some us are really bad with our finances. Either way I think we all have things we can learn. How do we simplify our finances when they seem complex? How do we make sure we are actually doing what we want with our money? Join us as we look at Luke 19 and learn how to simplify our finances.