february 24, 2019


Are you living toward the target? In this message series, we focus specifically on the home and how we can cultivate God-centered relationships with our family. God has given us specific instructions on how we interact with those most special to us, and shows us His targets for men, women, parenting, and marriage. Although you may have missed the mark in the past, now is the perfect time to draw your bow and aim for the bullseye.


There may be no greater task in life than raising children. It has always been a tremendous undertaking, but it is now even more trying because of the world in which we live. Many of us didn’t have great parents, are raising children with only one parent and are struggling in a world with way more distractions and dangers for our kids to walk into. The good news is we don’t do it alone. We are raising our kids in a greater community and empowered by His Spirit. Join us as we look at Psalm 127 and find our arrows.