January 28, 2018

Go Big, Or Go Home

With a new year often comes new resolutions. A fresh start. An opportunity to hit life’s reset button. Many of us, though, after years of quickly losing sight of the goals we put in place, have now found it easier to leave resolutions alone all together. But what if this year was different? What if 2018 was not just a fresh start, but an opportunity to go somewhere or become someone you never thought was possible? Join us for this next series where we will explore what it looks like to do big things.


What if God actually wants to use you? Today God is presenting you with the opportunity to go big or go home. What if 2018 was the year you did BIG things? What BIG thing is God calling you to this year? I think God has BIG things in store for each of us if we will simply allow him to work in our lives. Join us as we look at John 6 and make this the year we go BIG.