May 27, 2018

Long Story Short - The Exodus

Many of us know the Bible stories, but do we know how they fit together? Do we know how God wove together the full story of scripture? Through Long Story Short, we will take a look at how God shaped his people and ultimately saved them through Jesus. God had a plan in mind from the beginning and He is always at work. In this series, we will see how God shaped history from Creation to Revelation.


This Sunday we're taking a look at the life of Moses and the Exodus. In this story we see how God is for us way before we are for Him! We're looking at how God is faithful, and he's always working. When our eyes are focused on what we want to see, we limit our potential. When our eyes are focused on GOD, we begin to see the potential that God sees in us. This is the same potential that God saw in Moses. Despite Moses' fears and lack of speech, God worked through him to deliver His people. We are not the Exodus. Moses is not our Exodus. Join us as we look at Exodus 2-3 and see that Jesus is our Exodus!