July 22, 2018

Long Story Short - The Mission

Many of us know the Bible stories, but do we know how they fit together? Do we know how God wove together the full story of scripture? Through Long Story Short, we will take a look at how God shaped his people and ultimately saved them through Jesus. God had a plan in mind from the beginning and He is always at work. In this series, we will see how God shaped history from Creation to Revelation.


When Jesus left this earth, He did not intend to only reach His disciples or even those who were alive in his lifetime. He left His followers with a mission that would multiply and carry through generations. He leaves us with the same mission as His early followers. When Jesus comes into our heart, it is not simply to transform our lives, but He calls us to be an example to those around us. We not only carry His message, but we are called to come alongside others. Jesus calls this act “making disciples” and this is how Jesus spent His life. Join us as we look at Matthew 28 and see the mission. 

VBS  starts  this  sunday!

Your child will experience fellowship as they share a snack, some gameplay, a lesson and a craft.  In the lesson they will learn bible truths like how much Jesus loves them and wants to have a relationship with them.