March 24, 2019

Fed to Feed

The gospel of Mark reveals Jesus as the One who saves. He was not the messiah that the world expected, but He was exactly what we needed. He turned the world and the religious system upside down. Jesus was setting up something completely different, and the world would never be the same. Jesus was doing more than starting a new religious system, He was doing more than helping people, He came to save us. Join us as we look at the book of Mark and see Jesus for who He truly is.


Jesus didn’t simply come to lead His disciples, He also came to lead His disciples to create more disciples. Jesus was creating a community around Himself that would go on for thousands of years. He was creating the church and the family of believers. It wasn’t simply a formula He was giving people, it was a new way of life built on love, grace, mercy and truth. The power of Jesus wasn’t simply in His miracles, but it was also in the love He had for His people. Join us as we look at Mark 6 and learn that we are “fed to feed”.