APRIL 15, 2018

What is God's kingdom?

Any building that stands for a lifetime is built on a solid foundation. If we want to build a faith that will last a lifetime, we need to build a solid foundation. How do we build this foundation and on what principles? How can we start building a foundation when we don’t know where to start? Through this series we will look at some of the building blocks of our faith. Join us as we learn about the Gospel, God’s kingdom, why we baptize, and why you belong in church.


The kingdom of heaven often seems like a very mysterious thing. It may be hard to understand what this kingdom looks like or where it is. Jesus often used parables to teach us about His kingdom and He repeatedly told us that His Kingdom was coming. If we really want to understand Jesus, we have to begin to understand His kingdom and see how He is working in us and in our world. Join us as we look at Matthew 13 and learn about God’s kingdom.