september 16, 2018

Change Your Mindset: Change Your Life

Some of us are battling ourselves.  We’re stuck in a self-defeating cycle where our negative thinking patterns begin to predict our reality.  If you roll out of bed and think, “Ugh, I don’t want to do this today…”  Guess what— today might not go so well.  Rather— what if we learned to think more like God does?  How might today be improved by thinking like God, changing our mindset, and shifting our reality?  Join us at on September 17 and 23rd for a two part series aimed directly at changing your mindset.  Come with an open mind, a listening ear, and a willing heart.  You can change your mindset . . .  it just might change your entire life.


I’m thankful to Pastor Cody for the opportunity to share with you the next two Sundays.  God has been showing me some powerful lessons about how I think and how my life can be altered if I change my natural thinking patterns.  Maybe you, like me, struggle with self-defeating thoughts.  Maybe the messages that you tell yourself over and over again are negative and debilitating.  The truth is God has something different for you.  God wants to change you from the inside out — beginning with how you think.  God wants to shift our mindset; to change our thinking from our natural patterns to thoughts that are based on His Truth. 

When we shift our mindset to God’s our lives will change.  Join us, together we will change our mindsets and see God change our lives. 

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