July 15, 2018

Long Story Short - The Resurrection

Many of us know the Bible stories, but do we know how they fit together? Do we know how God wove together the full story of scripture? Through Long Story Short, we will take a look at how God shaped his people and ultimately saved them through Jesus. God had a plan in mind from the beginning and He is always at work. In this series, we will see how God shaped history from Creation to Revelation.


The Resurrection wasn't meant to be celebrated one day a year. We celebrate it every day in every way. When Jesus walked out of the tomb, the word "impossible" was removed from our vocabulary. Our faith in Jesus is central to our lives and it is our hope. When we accept Jesus into our lives, everything changes. Our hope defines us and drives us, but it is easy to lose sight. Join us this week as we look at John 20-21 and see how the resurrection changes our lives.


Your child will experience fellowship as they share a snack, some gameplay, a lesson and a craft.  In the lesson they will learn bible truths like how much Jesus loves them and wants to have a relationship with them.