Cody Clark

Senior Minister


I am the lead preacher and also handle teaching new members and leading small groups. I have been at Cross Point since 2014. Previously, I was a youth pastor for over eight years. Kentucky Christian University is where I received my bachelor degree. My Masters degree is from Cincinnati Christian University.

A native of Columbus, I believe it is the only place worth living. Some of my favorite things are drinking Dr Pepper, classic cars and being in the yard with my wife, Kristen, and our two daughters.

Gina Boyce

Office Manager


I have been blessed to work in the office at Cross Point for over 15 years.  I graduated from West Virginia Institute of Technology with a business education degree.  I have been married to my husband, Mark, for 32 years!  We have 2 children, Rachel and Mark, who were raised at Cross Point. 

My hobbies include watching classic movies and travel, visiting historical sites! My favorite and most memorable bible verse is John 3:16.

Besides Jesus, I'd like to have lunch with Mary, Jesus' mother, because she represents love, encouragement, and deep faith.  She is a true role model to me, as a mother.

Brandon Abbott

Worship Leader


 I have attended here since late spring 2005 and have been involved with the worship team since my first Sunday, thanks to an invite from a friend and former Cross Point Worship Leader.  I have been on staff part time since the end of 2015.

I am currently back in school pursuing my second bachelors degree, in mathematics, at Ohio State University.  Before that I earned a bachelors degree in English at Ohio State and then worked in a call center for a local insurance company for four years.

Music has always been one of my treasures, whether singing, playing or listening.  Other activities I enjoy are watching movies, reading, learning, and hanging out with my friends and family.

Besides Jesus, I would like to have lunch with Paul.  His zeal for and dedication to Jesus are inspiring, from the use of his Jewish and secular learnings in preaching the gospel to his endurance through all kinds of suffering.  It would truly be an enlightening experience to converse with God's voice to the gentiles!

Dove Arnett

Children's Ministry Director


Children and books have always been a priority to me. Although I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in English Education and loved teaching English in the Dublin City Schools, once I was able to stay home to raise my kids full-time, I did!

Wanting to find a church close by, we began attending Cross Point in 2015 shortly after we moved to the area and immediately felt welcomed and a part of the CP family.  Along with homeschooling my kids (now adults) for four years, I also have over ten years of experience in graphic design and office administration. In my free time, I enjoy hosting friends, experimenting with art, hikes in the woods with my husband, yard work, cleaning, and crafts with my youngest daughter.


If I could have lunch with someone from the Bible other than Jesus, I would have to choose Esther, Joseph, or Daniel. All three found themselves in bad situations out of no fault of their own but demonstrated incredible faith in God, making life-risking, courageous choices that saved the lives of their people so they could continue the path to Jesus. I would love to hear their stories first-person and learn how they kept their focus on God in such trials.

Jamie Jacobus



My father, Gail R Jacobus was a minister (not at Cross Point) and with my mother Lucille, raised 7 children, which are all now working in various churches in Ohio, Tennessee and North Carolina. My appreciation for the Christian heritage they gave us, taught us, is now fully realized. 

My father and mother began attending here when I was very young and I grew up in this church.

Donna, my wife and I have attended here since we returned from our honeymoon in 1983. We have one son, Seth, 24, who currently attends Ohio State University. 

I have served the church as a trustee, a deacon and currently as an Elder.

Besides Jesus, I would like to have lunch with .......... 

Wow! There are so many; the cool thing is, eventually,  we will be able to have lunch with all of them!  For now I will say Peter. I relate to Peter in a few ways. Quickly  jumping into situations without proper thought but also learning from the mistake, that’s me.  Peter’s denial was a huge mistake but he didn’t let it define him.  Peter’s example shows how to fully and completely accept forgiveness from Jesus. Put it behind us and get on with the Gospel.  A fully forgiven son of God. We can approach the Throne of God with our heads held high, we can approach God with no shame. We are clothed in the righteousness of Christ.  It would be nice to share a burger and fries with Peter and says thanks.